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Statement of EU’s Ambassadors: The Elections Are a Possibility for Macedonia to Make a New Beginning

meta_maliSKOPJE – The elections on 11 December 2016 represent an opportunity for Maceodnia to make a new beginning, to unite around its strategic goals and to return to its European integration path, said the joint announcement by the ambassadors of the EU member countries in Skopje.

“We encourage political leaders, their parties and relevant stakeholders to use the electoral process to reaffirm and demonstrate their commitment to democratic values and the rule of law, as well as to indicate their readiness to address the challenges ahead of the country. As such, the elections will be an important indicator of adherence to democratic values,” as was stated in the announcement.

The ambassadors of the countries members of the EU are calling the political leaders and the members of the parties to carry out the elections without intimidations and violence, and in a way that will not worsen the political and inter-ethnic relations or to deepen the polarizations during the election campaign.

“We recall the importance of clearly separating state and party activities before, during and after the elections. We urge media to provide the citizens with the diverse and objective information they need to make an informed choice on the Election Day. We appeal to all state institutions to support the work of the State Election Commission to prepare these elections,” as was stated in the announcement.

“Only a fair campaign and credible elections, that will be certified as such by international observers will give the new government and parliament a strong mandate. The top priority, as stated by the ambassadors, will be for the political actors to engage sincerely on implementing all elements of the Pržino process, especially the Urgent Reform Priorities.”

“Establishing legal and political accountability for the making and content of wiretaps is a needed ingredient for closing the chapter of political crisis, as all stakeholders have committed to. Every vote counts and we call on all citizens to use their democratic right to vote and in that way shape the future of their country. We also appeal to all political parties to accept the result of credible elections,” as was stated in the ambassadors’ announcement.

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