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Constitutional Court of Albania upholds suspension of Vetting law

TIRANA – The Constitutional Court of Albania, after a lengthy session that took more than 4 hours, upheld the suspension of Vetting law, dismissing the request of parliament and, in turn, leaving the justice reform deadlocked.

Tuesday court session, which was held in the presence of ambassadors Romana Vlahutin (EU) and Donald Lu (USA), reviewed the request of Democratic Party and the Union of Judges claiming the Vetting law as anti-constitutional and also asking for its suspension to be upheld.

The judicial panel listened to the arguments in favor and against the vetting law provided by parliament of Albania, Democratic Party and the Union of Judges.

Speaking on behalf of parliament, the majority MP Pandeli Majko said that still no grounds have been disclosed as to why the Vetting law was suspended and also demanded the repeal of suspension.

Representative of the Union, Gerd Hoxha, said that if the suspension is reversed, many judges and prosecutors risk losing their job.

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