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Gjosha: Launch of vetting law, crucial to accession negotiations

ata_maliTIRANA – Minister of European Integration, Klajda Gjosha, has spoken in an upbeat tone about the visit of Albanian govt. delegation in Germany two days ago, with the main focus on the progress of Albania’s EU accession.

At a news conference, the minister stated that the visit was a testimony to the  support of Chancellor Merkel in this process, which is as much historic as sensitive to Albanians with the opening of accession negotiations, inextricably linked to successful implementation of Vetting law.

“The sooner the launch of vetting law is unblocked, the sooner the accession negotiations will get underway. I thank Chancellor for the support she has provided to Albania over years. Merkel was very positive about the reforms launched by Albanian govt., also lauded by the Commission,” Gjosha said.

Chancellor Merkel shared the view that to ensure a sustainable and smooth process, we need to focus on implementation of the Vetting law and 5 priorities, which will also enable an interim report in the interests of integration regarding the date of opening the accession negotiations.

“Parliament Speakers will have their say as soon as the heads of governments seek such a thing. We should neither be surprised nor speculate on certain comments from lawmakers of member countries’ parliamentary groups. Instead, the efforts need to be concentrated on this phase of the process. We have taken a major step towards the December decision and are upbeat about our chances of moving on to the next phase,” Gjosha said.

The minister affirmed that free and fair elections are a criteria for any country. “They are crucial, therefore the electoral reform should be finalized on time, in the spirit of constructiveness and dialogue, beneficial for all Albanians.”

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