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International community in BiH: Elections in Stolac must be held as soon as possible

SARAJEVO – Imperative that elections in Stolac are conducted as soon as possible in accordance with the law, calls International community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Ambassadors of the United Kingdom Edward Ferguson, Federal Republic of Germany Christiane Hohmann, United States of America Maureen Cormack, EU Delegation to BiH and EU Special Representative in BiH Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, High Representative Valentin Inzko and chief of OSCE Mission to BiH Jonathan Moore released a joint statement that we publish in full.

“It is clear that as the result of multiple actions on 2 October 2016, democracy was denied to the people of Stolac.

It is imperative that elections be conducted as soon as possible in accordance with the law and in an atmosphere of respect and calm, characterized by constructive and inclusive dialogue.

As members of the international community, we call on leaders of all local and national organizations, including of political parties at all levels, to do their utmost to work towards such a dialogue.

We condemn combative rhetoric and any possibility of violence.  The decisions of BiH institutions, including the Central Election Commission and the Appellate Division of the BiH Court must be respected.”

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