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European Commission grants EUR 47 million to BiH

SARAJEVO – The European Commission has just adopted the 2016 Programme for Bosnia and Herzegovina, granting EUR 47 million to support Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path to EU integration, announced the Delegation of the EU to BiH.

The programme follows the enlargement policy “fundamentals first” by focusing on the areas of rule of law and fundamental rights, strengthening democratic institutions, good governance, economic development and competitiveness. It builds on the 2014 and 2015 programmes within the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II), which amounts to a total of at least EUR 165.8 million for Bosnia and Herzegovina over the 2014-2017 period.

The programme will assist Bosnia and Herzegovina’s efforts in developing an efficient, professional and transparent civil service, thus building public sector’s capacity to deliver services to the country’s citizens. Further assistance will help enhancing  the capacities of the parliaments at the different levels of governance across the country in the EU integration process, and will support the strengthening of the  public procurement system.

The EU will also continue funding the International Commission on Missing Persons for the identification of persons still unaccounted for. Flood protection and integrated flood risk management are further priorities of the programme. The programme also will support the implementation of labour market reforms and local development, as part of the wider Reform Agenda, to contribute to the economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, creating more jobs and prosperity for all its citizens.

In addition, financial assistance will be provided to civil society and to support the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Union’s agencies and programmes such as “Europe for Citizens”,  “Erasmus+”, “Horizon 2020” and “Creative Europe”, for the direct benefit of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina also benefits from EU assistance within the IPA II multi-country programme, providing financial support on a regional scale.

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