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Lunacek: We carefully follow the NIN case

BELGRADE – On a question whether the European Parliament has a possibility to encourage delegations of the European Union and embassies to thoroughly follow the court cases against the media in Serbia, like she suggested in her amendment, the Vice President of the European Parliament and the Austrian Green Party MEP, Urlike Lunacek said for NIN:

‘The EU is in touch with the delegation of the EU in Serbia as well as with the embassies of the member states, and position of journalists is truly high on agendas both of Parliament and the EEAS (European External Action Service), as in Serbia so as in other places. Even if it is not possible to follow each court case – often there are limits in time and resources – be should be assure that delegation of the EU as many embassies of the member states, are still carefully following all these cases, including the NIN case, and they are raising this question at the meetings with the representatives of the government – as same as we do during our visits in Serbia.

With those activities, we are providing support and visibility to exposed journalists and clearly stating that treats and violence against journalists and the media will not be tolerated by the EU.’

This article is originally published in Serbian in NIN weekly magazine No.3450 and it is translated and republished with the approval of NIN. Translation of the article is the sole responsibility of the European Western Balkans.

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