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Montenegrin PM: At this point, I cannot offer more to opposition

Federica Mogherini meets with Dusko Markovic, prime minister of Montenegro. © European Union, 2017/Photo: Savo Prelevic

The door of the Government of Montenegro is still open to opposition and at this point prime minister Dusko Markovic does not have a better offer for them. He announced this after a meeting with EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, at Villa Gorica in Podgorica.

“When we do not understand each other, we need to talk and not to move away from each other… I want to say that the boycott is unacceptable for Montenegro because it is not pro-European or democratic way. The government’s door  is open and we cannot offer more at this point,” the prime minister said.

“Complying  with the ultimatum to repeat elections would represent abolishing the political system and the regularity of the elections. I call on responsibility and sense of opposition leaders. Our European perspective allows citizens new opportunities for a better life. National interest is more important than the party one,” he said.

Mogherini pointed out that parliament of each EU country represents, by definition, the heart of democracy. She repeated she regretted that the opposition boycotted her address to Parliament.

“I hoped they would attend the session, but I hope there will be other opportunities in the future. I hope that my message will contribute to willingness of both of the ruling coalition and the opposition to reach a normal situation. The EU is not the one who should show solutions. We turn to the institutions,” said Mogherini.

She pointed out that she began her visit to the region in Montenegro because that country was “a pioneer of integration”.

“The EU is committed to enlarge to new members. We are working on this credible atmosphere,” she said.

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