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Albanian opposition accepts governing coalition’s invitation to dialogue

ata_maliTIRANA – The opposition coalition has accepted the ruling coalition’s invitation to dialogue on Friday, Albanian news agency ATA reports.

In a press statement, the opposition coalition expressed readiness for true dialogue with the leaders of the governing coalition in order to create the necessary conditions for free and fair elections in the country.

“Taking into account this critical moment for Albania and Albanians, due to the threats to the election and free vote from crime and drugs, the opposition expresses its readiness for true dialogue with the representatives of the governing coalition in order to create the necessary conditions for free and fair elections through a government that would enjoy broad political support,” opposition said in its statement.

The opposition allies emphasized that “this technical government will ensure full implementation of the decriminalization law, efficient fight against narcotics, organized crime and drug money, preparation of free and fair elections and the implementation of the judicial reform according to the constitutional amendments adopted on July 22.”

Earlier today, Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta, two leaders of the ruling coalition parties, expressed the readiness for dialogue with the centre-right opposition after their weekly meeting in Tirana.

For around two weeks, the opposition supporters are protesting in a tent outside of the Prime Minister’s office seeking to oust the current government and replace it with a caretaker administration “that would organize fair and free elections.”

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