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State Department: Macedonia is dominated by corruption and disrespect for the law

United States Capitol in Washington; Photo: WikiCommons / Scrumshus

meta_maliWASHINGTON – The most significant human rights problems stemmed from pervasive corruption and from the government’s failure to respect fully the rule of law, including continuing efforts to restrict media freedom, interference in the judiciary and impeding the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office charged with investigating and prosecuting crimes relating to and arising from illegally intercepted communications, as well as the selective administration of justice. Political interference, inefficiency, favoritism toward well-placed persons, prolonged processes, violations of the right to public trial, and corruption characterized the judicial system, Meta reports.

This is just part of the conclusions from the newest report from the US State Department on the situation on human rights in Macedonia in 2016.

The report mentioned physical abuse of detainees and prisoners by police and prison guards, as well as difficult access to legal representation, restrictions on the ability of Roma to leave the country and have access to health care which is guaranteed by the Constitution, and reducing the prevention of trafficking and protection of such victims, as well as discrimination against persons with disabilities. Other serious problems are listed and institutional and societal discrimination against Roma and other ethnic minorities, and members of the LGBT community.

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