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Turner to Trump: Support Montenegro’s accession to NATO

Flags of Montenegro and NATO; Photo: NATO

cdm logoWASHINGTON – US Congressman and former NATO Parliamentary Assembly president, Michael Turner, sent a letter to the President of the United States Donald Trump urging him to support Montenegro’s accession to the alliance, CdM repotrs.

In his open letter, Turner says that America is willing to find new friends and to forge new friendships where shared interests align.

“As such, I am asking the President to publicly support Montenegro’s accession to NATO. This will advance U.S interests by strengthening the alliance, maintaining international security, and stabilising the Balkan region,” Turner says in the letter.

He calls in mind that US Senate’s Foreign Policy Committee on 6 December 2016 gave its consent to the resolution of Montenegro’s accession to NATO.

“When all 28 member states ratify the accession protocol, Montenegro can become a full member with the same powers as the other member states,” said Turner.

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