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Basha to Rama: Welcome to “the tent” to sign off caretaker govt.

Lulzim Basha; Source: EPP Summmit, Brussels; October 2014; Photo: WikimediaCommons; European People's Party; Copyright holder: DERIBAUCOURT.COM (based on EXIF)

ata_maliTIRANA, March 5 (ATA)- The DP head Lulzim Basha is sticking by his cause for a caretaker govt., also the slogan of the opposition protest started on February 18 to guarantee free and fair elections, ATA reports.
Basha responded to PM Edi Rama who, one day ago asserted his readiness to go to the opposition tent for talks, but not to negotiate a technical govt. because, according to him, the Albanians have already decided who will rule the country.

Basha cited some of the issues which, according to him, are holding back the European integration, and as such they are on the list of European Commission requirements but it is up to the govt. in place to meet them.

Who is blocking the entry of Albania in EU with narcotics, crime, non-execution of decriminalization law, with the threat of drugs and crime to fair and free elections. These are the conditions set by European Commission to unblock the path of Albania to Europe.
Basha went on saying that his departure is the condition of opposition for a European Albania. I will welcome him if he shows up in this tent to sign off the technical govt. here, the unconditional surrender of crime and drugs at this square setting the stage for free and fair elections.

But, we will not assent to the games. “If it is another game, demagogy and deceit, the time for game playing is over and you are not welcome at this tent in this square. The square will come to you,” Basha retorts to Rama.
Basha, in his conversation with farmers, pledged support, subsidies and market access for their produce.

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