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Rama ‘no’ to caretaker government, Democratic Party is seeking power on the table

Edi Rama; Photo: Prime Minister's Office

ata_maliTIRANA – Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama invited the opposition to join majority voting of the Vetting process, saying ‘no’ to the opposition’s demand for a caretaker government stating that Albanians have chosen their government until June 18 in his weekly communication column on Facebook, ATA reports.

“We need a novel justice system that guarantees fair and equal treatment, which makes the state a state and the citizens free to exercise their will, in order to fairly compete and be assessed on merit in their path of life,” Rama said.

“The foundations of a new justice system are established in the Constitution of Albania and the Parliament implemented key laws towards a democratic revolution that will overthrow the old rotten judicial system starting with enforcement of the Vetting basic law,” he added in his column.

“Albanian politicians should pave the way to purge corrupt judges and prosecutors through Vetting law enforcement,” said Rama.

According to the Premier, any delay in the restoration of justice, makes Albanian politicians responsible in tackling economic growth and integration of the in the EU.

“Democratic Party cannot hide in the “tent” of protest any more, abandoning its constitutional, political and civic duty towards its supporters, who despite not wanting the government share the same support to Albania and the country’s integration to EU as the voters of this government,” added the Premier.

The head of government also congratulated and expressed gratitude to Izmir Smajli, the first European champion in the history of Albanian athletics, referring to as an inspiration of success, will and courage, on his Amarcord blog.

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