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Zaev meets ambassadors: It is imperative that Ivanov gives me mandate immediately

meta_maliSKOPJE – The leader of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, together with his deputy, Radmila Sekerinska met Tuesday with the ambassadors of Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and the Netherlands in the country, Christine Althauser, Charles Garrett, Mats Staffansson Wouter Plomp, Meta reports.

The meeting, according to the party, was convened out of concern due to the halt of the democratic process in Macedonia, after the elections on December the 11th, 2016.

The leader of SDSM told the ambassadors that President Gjorge Ivanov is “causing a constitutional crisis and is leaving space for Nikola Gruevski to use provocation and violence, to prevent a peaceful transfer of power, power he lost”.

“It is imperative that Ivanov immediately gives me the mandate to form the new government for the Republic of Macedonia, in the interest of the people and the country”, said Zaev.

At the meeting, it was concluded that is it necessary for the democratic process in Macedonia to continue “to form a new pro reform Government”.

“The people and the country shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences, just because Nikola Gruevski lost and is afraid of facing the responsibility for governing the country neglectfully. New elections will just deepen the crisis. All the propaganda from the outgoing government is simply not true. We are committed to a unitary Republic of Macedonia, which is supported by the parties that helped us secure a parliamentary majority. We already have the basis for the government’s new program, which will be discussed in the process of the formation of government. And that is reforms, new jobs, quality healthcare, education, justice, returning money to the citizens and Euro-Atlantic development of Macedonia through unity and not division”, said Zaev in the statement SDSM released regarding the meeting.

At the meeting, they had “expressed their expectations for maturity from all sides for Macedonia and the citizens to form a new government as soon as possible, in a peaceful manner”.

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