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Dimitriev: New elections are only solution for crisis

Skopje; Photo: WikiComons/Raso mk

meta_maliSKOPJE – The acting Prime Minister, Emil Dimitriev, at today’s visit of Delchevo, repeated VMRO-DPMNE’s stance that early parliamentary election that will be organized along with the local, are the only solution for the political crisis, Meta reports.

Dimitriev stressed that the post-electoral discussions, according to him, go deep into the constitutional order, and those weren’t part of the pre-election campaign or weren’t discussed that much.

-I think that these subjects aren’t a privilege of the political elites, regardless if they think they are the only ones capable of handling processes such as this one. For subjects such as these, the only factor which can have a say is the people at new parliamentary elections which would be organized with the local.

The political parties, everything they want to do after the elections will have to state that before the elections, since they have to receive a legitimacy, in order for the citizens to have a clear picture for whom they are casting their votes and in which direction the things will go in the future – said Dimitriev.

The acting Prime Minister commented on the announcement of a possibility of opening refugee camps in Macedonia that was mentioned by the chief of the Austrian diplomacy, Sebastian Kurz.

-Macedonia gave an enormous contribution in the handling with the situation with the migrant crisis and that was noticed by all of the EU’s countries and wider. We shall act in the same manner in the future, but for opening refugee camps in our country, our stance is a categorical no, because in this country the refugees come from a country that is a member of the EU, a country that is safe and we see no logic in the idea of forming refugee camps in our country. We oppose to that proposal as a country – said Dimitriev.

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