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Basha: Protest will not stop

Lulzim Basha; Source: EPP Summmit, Brussels; October 2014; Photo: WikimediaCommons; European People's Party; Copyright holder: DERIBAUCOURT.COM (based on EXIF)

TIRANA – Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha said that opposition protest will not end until the old Republic of crime, corruption, drugs and illegitimacy treating elections as an opportunity to seize power and not as a temple of democracy, falls to its last stone, on Monday, ATA reports.
The leader of DP said that the Socialists and the Democrats are joining a great concern, the total criminalization of politics and decision-making of Albanian institutions, from the protest tent which entered the 23rd day.

Basha said that the great and unique overthrow in the Balkans, that of state captured by organized crime, through the so-called Renaissance, resulted in a destroyed political process along with decision-making opportunities to citizens.

“Due to this we gathered in the largest popular rally on February 18 to make the important decision not to leave this square until free and fair elections are guaranteed by wider political support, by a caretaker government and unconditional removal of Edi Rama as head of government,” he added.

Regarding the recent changes in government, Basha said that the dismissal of ministers was similar to that of apprentices, which encouraged them to fight to the end.

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