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Dačić: Pristina's decision illegal, unacceptable

Ivica Dačić; Photo: Tanjug / Dragan Kujundzic

TANJUG_maliBELGRADE – The Kosovo government’s decision to register all real estate property of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Serbia and the Autonomous Province of Kosovo as property of Kosovo is completely illegal and unacceptable for Serbia and legally irrelevant, Serbian Deputy PM Ivica Dačić said Wednesday, Tanjug reports.
“This is another unilateral move by Pristina that demonstrates they are not interested in the Brussels dialogue, because we have raised that topic several times and they never wanted to talk about that,” Dačić told reporters in Belgrade.

This is another controversial issue that indicates Pristina does not want to have a constructive approach, while Belgrade wants the dialogue to continue so that a solution may be found, he said.

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