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US Ambassador to Macedonia: Institutions must be functional

Jess L. Baily, United States Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia; Photo: U.S. Embassy to the Republic of Macedonia

meta_maliSKOPJE – The Pržino agreement remains a good basis for solving the political crisis in the country, said today the U.S. Embassador Jess Baily, at the closing event of the USAID’s project of inter-ethnic integration into the education, Meta reports.

-We talked about this many times but I don’t know whether there will be a Pržino 1, 2, 3…We had a system that was set from May until July 2015, which predicted that the crisis will be solved by returning back to the parliament, by creating conditions for good and fair elections, by facing the issue of the illegally wiretapped conversations, how they occurred and what do they reveal, and then to continue with the reformatory priorities. I think that remains a good foundation to go forward. If you look at these elements I think it can be seen as a way to go forward – said Baily, when he was answering a question asked by a journalist whether a third part of the Pržino agreement is needed for solving the two-year political crisis.

Still, he stressed that the decision for the next steps have to be made by the leaders of the political parties.

-We remain a partner and a friend to Macedonia and we want to help in the process for the country to move forward, but at the end of the day, it all depends on you, the citizens, your party leaders, whether the democratic institutions will function. There are tensions in the society and there are divisions, but what is important is that the institutions to bring people together – said the U.S. Ambassador.

Regarding the giving of the mandate for forming a government, Baily repeated that he expects that the president Gjorge will reconsider his decision.

-We think that is not a proper decision and we hope he will reconsider it. I think it is important that the democratic institutions are functional and the solutions are part of that – said Baily.

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