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Vučić: Serbs, Bosniaks must live in peace

Aleksandar Vučić; Photo: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzic

TANJUG_maliSARAJEVO – It is difficult to unite Western Balkan countries on political issues, but it is important that everyone agrees the economy is what can move the region forward, rather than backward, Serbian PM Aleksandar Vučić has told Bijeljina-based BN television, Tanjug reports.
Speaking about Serb-Bosniak relations, Vučić said Serbs must live in peace with Bosniaks, whether Sarajevo or Banjaluka like it or not.

Those who do not understand this cannot understand the future of Serbia and Serbs as a nation, he said on Thursday.

“We need to speak about transport and traffic infrastructure and energy projects. I think that suits everyone, and the EU must show greater, more significant support there. I think we all agree on this. We can hardly agree on political topics,” Vučić said after a Sarajevo summit of Western Balkan PMs.

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