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Zaev: Hahn’s messages are clear –processes must be sped up

meta_maliSKOPJE – The messages of the EU Commissioner and the EU MPs are crystal clear and the processes must be sped up, said SDSM’s party leader, Zoran Zaev, after the meeting with EU’s Commissioner, Johannes Hahn and MPs, Ivo Vajgl, Edvard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein, Meta reports.

Zaev said that they remain firm on the request that the president of the country Gjorge Ivanov to assign the mandate for the new government.

-We will remove all obstacles that Ivanov is coming up with or is planting and we shall submit a new request through the Parliament to assign the mandate. He mustn’t hinder the process of stabilization of the country. We remain firm on our request for Ivanov to assign the mandate – said Zaev, also saying that he expects that all political parties will show a sentiment for surpassing the crisis.

SDSM’s party leader said that the EU Commissionary and the EU MPs are ready after the forming of the new government to help speeding up the negotiations for a membership of Macedonia into the European Union.

Zaev said that he is convinced that the constitutive session will be held at the end of the week and the Parliament will continue with its work and everything beyond that will mean”banalization and seeking excuses on part of VMRO-DPMNE.”

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