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SDSM: Parliament to elect new pro-reform government soon

Macedonian Parliament; Photo: WikiCommons/Stefan Didam

SKOPJE – Macedonian Parliament will soon elect a new pro-reform government because the people chose change and they chose serious politicians to run the country, who will care for them and the interests of the country, as opposed to the policies of the criminals from the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, who are trying to push the country into a deep political crisis and isolation, said a press release from SDSM, Meta reports.

SDSM said that carefully, as until now, they have been leading the political processes leading to the realization of the will of the majority of citizens.

“We would like to notify that no one has the right to prevent the democratically expressed will of the majority of citizens in the elections. 67 MPs stood behind the president of the party, Zaev. A democratic parliamentary majority has been established. The new government has a program that protects the unity of the state and provides the for needs of all citizens. There is no time to lose”, reads the statement by SDSM.

From there, they call upon Parliament and President Gjorge Ivanov to secure a peaceful transfer of power.

Contraty, VMRO-DPMNE stated that a new elections is what is necessary as otherwise, people’s revolt is going to increase.

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