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The Rome Declaration: Keeping door open to those who want to join

Family picture, 60th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome – Rome summit; Photo: European Union

ROME – The leaders of 27 member states and of the European Council, the European Parliament and the European Commission adopted the Rome Declaration, on the occasion of sixty anniversary of the Rome Treaty. They said that the EU is facing unprecedented challenges but that it will keep the door open to those who want to join later.

“We, the Leaders of 27 Member States and of EU institutions, take pride in the achievements of the European Union: the construction of European unity is a bold, far-sighted endeavour,” the declaration stated.

“Sixty years ago, recovering from the tragedy of two world wars, we decided to bond together and rebuild our continent from its ashes. We have built a unique Union with common institutions and strong values, a community of peace, freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, a major economic power with unparalleled levels of social protection and welfare,” it continues.

Regional conflicts, terrorism, growing migratory pressures, protectionism and social and economic inequalities are marked as the greatest challenges.

“Together, we are determined to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world and to offer to our citizens both security and new opportunities,” 27 EU leaders declared.

They said that they will act together, at different paces and intensity where necessary, while moving in the same direction, as they have done in the past, in line with the Treaties and keeping the door open to those who want to join later. Our Union is undivided and indivisible.

The declaration added that they want a Union where citizens have new opportunities for cultural and social development and economic growth and that they want a Union which remains open to those European countries that respect their values and are committed to promoting them. 

EU leaders declared that they will commit to the Rome Agenda, and pledge to work towards four key objectives: A safe and secure Europe, a prosperous and sustainable Europe, a social Europe, and a stronger Europe on the global scene.

They have concluded that they as Leaders, will work together within the European Council and among the EU institutions, and ensure that today’s agenda is implemented, so as to become tomorrow’s reality.

We have united for the better. Europe is our common future,” the declaration concludes.

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