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New procedures for environmental inspection, technical expertise from EU

ata_maliTIRANA – EU technical experts and representatives of State Inspectorate of Environment and Forests ISHMP outlined on Monday a news vision on this institution. After a one-year programme on capacity building, new procedures are on the way for inspection and issuance of environmental permits up to EU requirements, Albanian news agency ATA reports.
Director of IBECA project Paolo Bacca, present in the activity, said that the assistance to ISHMP consists in building up an efficient authority to identify the flaws in installations or activities.

Director of State Inspectorate for Environment and Forests, Ergys Agasi, cited the new instruments which were introduced last year. At our request, the experts of IBECA project and inspectors worked together to come up with a risk-based method for inspecting installations that require environmental permit. This method enables assessment of environmental risks in the event of failure to meet the requirements, he said.

One of EU experts, Scott Crossett, set out the new procedures on permits, administration, inspection and monitoring of activities with impact on environment and climate changes. ‘Major steps have been taken in these 12 months, however the legislation on inspection and permit issuance needs to be radically reformed,” Crossett pointed out.

Other experts unveiled the new approach to working on the basis of risk and control lists approved by EU, which from now on will be used during inspection and monitoring of businesses or institutions such as hospitals.

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