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Gjosha: Integration not only via major reforms but through every doorstep and family in Albania

Klajda Gjosha; Photo © European Union 2016

ata_maliTIRANA – Albanian EU Integration Minister, Klajda Gjosha attended the inauguration of the EU Information Centre on Monday, ATA reports.

The minister said that the future of Albania and Western Balkans is within the European Union and the prospects for these countries should be clear.

Focusing on the attribution of the inauguration of this centre with the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaty, EU’s founding Treaty, Minister Gjosha underlined that peace, democracy and solidarity are the three principles on which the European project was founded, and a greater commitment should be present to further preserve and strengthen them.

“Their social dimension is focused on the citizens. Considering them as the strongest ally to face challenges, guaranteeing the foundation principles of the EU, encouraging a sustainable economic and social development,” said the minister.

Minister Gjosha underlined that all actors should have the willingness to cooperate to a common goal – Albania’s EU integration.

“The integration process is not only a major reform process, but a process that goes through every family, for their well-being and a safe future. Therein our greatest work lies, “said Gjosha.

The minister expressed gratitude to EU’s funding to Albania to the country’s further development, to strengthen the rule of law and democracy as well as to increase the standard of living.

“The integration process is not exclusive and cannot function without inclusion, thus all actors must consider each other as part of an indivisible chain, not only the Albanian institutions and those of the EU,” said the minister.

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