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Construction of apartments for refugees begins in Kruševac, Serbia

Kruševac, Serbia
KRUŠEVAC – First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić said Thursday that the realisation of housing solutions for refugees in Serbia through the Regional Housing Programme is in full swing this spring, it was stated at the government’s website.

The official website of the Serbian government brings parts of the speech of Ivica Dačić on the occasion of laying the foundation stone for the construction of apartments for refugees in Krusevac within the framework of implementation of the Regional Housing Programme in Serbia:

“Distinguished guests,
Friends of the Regional Housing Programme,

The realisation of housing solutions for refugees in Serbia through the Regional Housing Programme is in full swing this spring.

Just two weeks ago the cornerstone was laid for the construction of 40 apartments in Sremska Mitrovica, yesterday in the Belgrade City Hall 49 contracts were delivered for the construction of makeshift houses for people who reside in the territory of Belgrade, while today we set up another foundation stone for the construction of 20 apartments in Kruševac.

In addition to housing construction and purchase of makeshift houses, we are intensively conducting public procurement for building materials and thus 303 families are expected to get building material in the context of the third subproject during this construction season.

The construction of 235 apartments in the Belgrade suburb of Ovča for which we laid the foundation stone in June last year, is going ahead of schedule.

As for flats in Kruševac, it is the housing for refugees from Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina which are given for lease with the possibility of purchase, according to the Law on Refugees.

The deadline for the completion of construction is February 2018.

The construction of a building with 20 apartments will also start in Paraćin soon, and it is also part of the same, second subproject of the Regional Housing Programme.

Until the end of May the construction of one building with 20 flats will start in Vršac and Prokuplje each. Under this project, the apartments should also be built in four municipalities – Bajina Bašta, Šid, Šabac and Kikinda.

The Serbian government also helps internally displaced persons from Kosovo-Metohija, who are in a difficult situation and are still waiting for sustainable solutions, including the right to return to the province, which we will not forget”, Dačić stated.

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