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Macedonian Ombudsman: We still have dysfunctional and politicized institutions

Skopje; Photo: WikiComons/Raso mk

SKOPJE – We still have politicized and dysfunctional institutions that implement party agendas, said today the National Ombudsman, Idzet Memeti, at the presentation of the annual report on the Degree of Provision, Respect, Advancement, and Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms, in 2016, reports Nova TV.

According to Memeti, last year, in the sphere of respect and the protection of human rights, there was not any progress, but, on the contrary, there was stagnation and regress.

Due to interference in the work of the Ombudsman by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Health Ministry, Interior Ministry, Ministry of Justice and the Public Revenue Office, the Ombudsman failed to implement full procedures for the protection of the rights of citizens, noted Memeti.

He noted that prisoners still reside in extremely inhumane conditions and are constantly denied their right to health care. He added that in their findings, they discovered that excessive force was used by prison guards, and the regular police while arresting activists protesting in the “Colourful Revolution”.

Last year, the Ombudsman worked on 4.718 cases, of which 3.775 were initiated after complaints were received and 37 cases were opened on the initiative of the Ombudsman.

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