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Gashi, Spasovski: Besa not to withdraw its signatures

Macedonian Parliament; Photo: WikiCommons/Stefan Didam

meta_maliSKOPJE – We have not made a decision whether we will join the government. We only talked about the election of a president of the Parliament. We are not withdrawing the signatures and we will help in the process as much as we can, said the Besa Movement’s MP, Afrim Gashi when he guested at Top Tema TV show on Telma TV, Meta reports.

He gave this statement after DUI’s chief of staff, the MP Artan Grubi said that the Besa Movement has withdrawn the signatures it has given to SDSM’s leader, Zoran Zaev after they decided not to support the proposal for electing Talat Xhaferi as a president of the Parliament.

Gashi said that they are hindering the process of electing a president of the Parliament and that it can be elected without them, but they want to stress that with various conditions and manners this government will not be a reformatory.

SDSM’s General Secretary, Oliver Spasovski during an interview at TV 24 confirmed that the Besa Movement will stay as part of the new parliamentary majority.

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