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Montenegro's NATO membership fee published

Flags of Montenegro and NATO; Photo: NATO

cdm logoPODGORICA – The only financial obligation Montenegro will have towards NATO is a yearly membership fee in the amount of 450 thousand EUR, it was stated in the Communication team of Council for membership in NATO, CdM reports.

„We often hear that NATO is asking 2% of GDP for membership, which is not correct. For Montenegro, a yearly membership fee will be 450 thousand EUR. The other set of expenses will be expenditures of national defense system, that Montenegro must have in any case. Budget for defense of Montenegro for 2017 is 50 million EUR, 5 million of which is from our own funds. NATO membership fee is completely acceptable and manageable”, the statement reads.

The information on 2% of GDP pertains to funds allocated for the national defense system. There is a plan to reach this amount by 2024, as it was agreed on the Summit in Welsh three years ago, and Montenegro agreed to these terms.

Most NATO members allocate less than 2% of GDP for their defense. New US President Donald Trump asked his European partners to allocate more for their defense.

„Membership in NATO is defined by the possibilities of a country, based on its size, size of the military, strength of its economy. Montenegro is becoming a member of collective system of defense, and it must put its system in compliance with NATO systems. Investment seems small compared to what Montenegro will gain – quality system of defense and guarantees of safety of its citizens”, the statement concludes.

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