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Mustafa believes demarcation with Montenegro is “unnecessary condition”

Isa Mustafa; Photo: Office of the Prime Minister

PRISTINA – Prime Minister of Kosovo Isa Mustafa said that ratification of Agreement on demarcation with Montenegro is a too strict and unnecessary condition for liberalization of visa regime for citizens of Kosovo in the EU, CdM reports.

During the celebration of one year of Agreement with EU on stabilization and accession, and one year anniversary of Kosovo Customs membership in international association of customs, he said that he asked EU representatives that Kosovo gains liberalization despite being late with the ratification.

“I asked that this criteria be reconsidered. We ask for an alternative, so that demarcation is not a strict condition for liberalization. We want to gain liberalization first, and if the condition is not fulfilled, it can be revoked”, Mustafa said.

Demarcation of border line with Montenegro is now the only condition for liberalization of visa regime for citizens of Kosovo. Opposition parties are against the Agreement, as well as certain ruling party MPs, experts and civil society representatives who believe that Kosovo loses more than 8.000 hectares of territory in this agreement.

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