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SDSM: It is necessary that Parliament is unblocked

SKOPJE – “Macedonia will be a law abiding country. There will be thorough reforms in the judiciary and prosecution and there will be a justice for all. That is the reason why VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs are blocking democratic processes in Parliament. They think in that manner they will be able to protect VMRO-DPMNE’s management from crimes in the past 10 years that they will be held accountable” said Sunday SDSM’s press release, Meta reports.

SDSM also said that “in the program, the new reformatory government of a new unitarian Macedonia will pledge to carry out thorough reforms in this area and will secure an independent judiciary.”

“Therefore, VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs must unblock Parliament instead of protecting criminals. A new president of the Parliament will be elected and then he will immediately inform Gjorge Ivanov that there is a new parliamentary majority consisting of 67 MPs in order to assign the mandate to President Zoran Zaev who will form the new reformatory government for the citizens of Macedonia” said the  press release by SDSM.

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