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Rama: New era of justice implies new era of politics

Edi Rama; Photo: Prime Minister's Office

ata_maliTIRANA – Prime Minister Edi Rama declared in parliament on Thursday that behind the opposition efforts and boycott of parliament is the fear of justice reform, ATA reports.

“The boycott was staged during the week when the attention was on the vetting procedures. This is an effort to keep the SP from entering the elections. The SP is the warranty of unstoppable justice reform. This effort is motivated by nothing but the fear of justice,” Rama said.

PM added that a new era of justice ushers in a new era of politics. And a new era of politics is a new era of governance.

It is not the official opposition that guarantees freedom, but it is the freedom that creates opposition.

Rama pointed out that those afraid of justice do not mind leading the country to destabilization. According to him, the demands of opposition voiced at the tent of protest are utterly meaningless. “I have never seen a government to have its existence conditioned by the consent of opposition. The ruling parties are not bound to empower their rival parties, PM said.

Rama also asserted his will to get together and thrash out a solution to the current political situation with the head of opposition.

On Thursday the Assembly approved three draft laws, part of the package of 27 laws to support implementation of reform in the justice system. The three draft laws were approved by a simple majority of votes only by the MPs of the left ruling majority.

The draft laws approved today are that “On declaration and audit of assets, financial obligations of elected officials and certain civil servants,” “On measures against funding of terrorism” as well as the law “On prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.”

The right wing MPs boycotted today’s session of the Parliament because since February 18 they are on protest in front of the premier’s office demanding a technical government which would guarantee free and fair elections.

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