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Gjosha: We expect opening of negotiations soon

Klajda Gjosha; Photo © European Union 2016

ata_maliTIRANA – The Department of Public Administration in cooperation with the Albanian School of Public Administration organized on Monday a training course with civil servants for the integration process, ATA reports.

European integration Minister Klajda Gjosha and Minister of Innovation Milena Harito were present at the 4-day training organized with the assistance of French and Croatian experts. Minister Gjosha emphasized that after receiving the positive recommendation by the Commission for opening of the membership negotiations, Albania’s expectations are greater for the quick beginning of this process.

“Our commitment to advance with the reforms and the seriousness to face every stage of the process will determine the pace of our journey toward integration into the EU”, said Gjosha.

In this context, she highlighted the significance of training for the public administration. “Building of professional capacities is a substantial integral part of policies of the Ministry of Integration because we believe that that’s the only way to cope successfully with all the follow-up stages of the membership process”, Gjosha said.

On her part, Innovation Minister Harito said that the civil servants are like the first swallows of this long and complicated process which requires a lot of capacities and capabilities.

“We have launched all the necessary reforms for a sustainable public administration with a transparent recruiting process and a career system of motivation. At the end of the process, you all will be part of an EU country administration,” said Harito.

The training course aims at preparation of members of the Inter-institutional working groups with the proper skills to cope with the negotiations with the EU institutions and coordination of the process.

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