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Vajgl: Nobody in the EU believes there should be new elections in Macedonia

Ivo Vajgl, Photo: European Union
meta_maliSTRASBOURG – I have not heard from one person in the European Parliament (EP) who believes that there should be new elections. Accordingly, the position of the EP is the same as the European Commission and Mr. Tusk’s position during his visit to Skopje, said the rapporteur for Macedonia at the European Parliament, Ivo Vajgl in an interview with 360 degrees on Saturday, Meta reports.

As for attacks by some people from the country that have called him a supporter of “mercenaries” and the people of Soros, Vajgl says it is nonsense and that he does not want to comment on the matter.
“I have nothing to do with Soros and I think that such insinuations are truly foolish, but I do not want to participate in these debates in Macedonia, which are on such a low level.

When asked about the position of the European Parliament, whether the political crisis in Macedonia should end through a new selection of a new government or by the dissolution of parliament and organizing new elections, Vajgl said that nobody in the EU considers that there is a basis for new elections.

He stressed that the answer to end the long attempt to elect a President of Parliament can not be done by himself or anyone else outside Macedonian politics. When asked whether the EU would recognize a government that would be elected to parliament without having received the mandate from President Gjorge Ivanov, Vajgl said that the EU will accept what the first Macedonian state institutions decide – Parliament and the Government.

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