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Vučić: Call to Kosovo Albanians for continiation of dialogue

Aleksandar Vučić; Photo: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundzic
BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić called Sunday on Kosovo Albanians to continue dialogue in Brussels, adding that it is important to calm down tensions in order to solve problems, it was stated on Serbian Government’s website.

Speaking at a press conference, after receiving children from the Kosovo-Pomoravlje District, Vučić referred to threats of Kosovo Albanians and said that that is why he would suggest to the Albanian side to resume dialogue as soon as possible in Brussels or elsewhere.

He reiterated that it is important to calm tensions and not to provoke new tensions, not to threaten anyone and expel people from their homes, and it is important to avoid any incident.

“For me it would be easier today to respond to offences and threats, but it is more important to do something to stabilize the situation, keep peace and talk about everything that are our crucial problems,” Vučić stated.

“One arrest warrant, one investigation, one indictment for the most serious crimes cannot be a motive enough for someone to threaten an entire nation that they will be exterminated,” Vučić warned regarding the threats from the family of Ramus Haradinaj that there will be no Serbs left in Kosovo if he is extradited to Serbia.

“That is inadmissible. The state of Serbia or any other country in the world cannot understand that and those threats deserve the greatest and the harshest condemnation,” Serbian Prime Minister underlined.

Before the press conference, Vučić received in the Serbian government children from Kosovo, from the Kosovo-Pomoravlje district, with whom he talked and gave them presents.

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