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Rama: Tirana has nothing to do with the platform of the Albanians in Macedonia

Edi Rama; Photo: Prime Minister's Office

TIRANA – The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, said that there is no Tirana platform and that official Tirana has nothing to do with the “platform issued by the Albanians in Macedonia,” Meta reports.

-There is no platform from Tirana, but a platform by Albanian parties to which provided our help. We had separate meetings with the party leaders of the Albanian parties and we took notes of what they said. They joined forces together on a piece of paper – said Rama in an interview for an Albanian television.

He stressed that the claims that were stated by Gjorge Ivanov and VMRO-DPMNE were untrue and said that during the election campaign in Macedonia he had no meetings with any leader of an Albanian party in Macedonia. Rama was decisive that the Albanians in Macedonia “are not fugitives, but an integral part of a country with two entities.”

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