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Macedonian MFA: Greece should not be worried, irredentism is not characteristic for Macedonia

Skopje; Photo: WikiComons/Raso mk

meta_maliSKOPJE – There is no any ground for Greece’s worriedness due to any kind of Macedonian irredentism, reacted Wednesday the Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after the statement issued by the chief of Greek diplomacy Nikos Kotzias, where he indicated that in the name dispute what is problematic are the irredentist tendencies that this country is showing by demanding the name of Macedonia, Meta reports.

“Stressing this sort of perception only benefits the maneuver of diverting the attention from the real obstacles of Republic of Macedonia’s euro-integration process especially after the verdict of the International court of justice in 2011,” said MFA.

The reaction states that all issue should be solved through the process of building and that irredentism is not one of Macedonia’s characteristics.

“On our part, we appreciate that the solution for all sources of distrust for both sides should be found within the process of building trust. The irredentism is not a characteristic for the Republic of Macedonia which has continuously strived for a regional cooperation. We appreciate if the same should be accepted by our southern neighbor,” said MFA.

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