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Albanian Parliament approves establishment of two ad-hoc vetting committees

Albanian National Assembly, Tirana; Photo: WikiCommons / Pudelek

ata_maliTIRANA – Albanian Parliament approved Tuesday in an extraordinary session with 82 votes pro the establishment of two ad-hoc committees made up of 12 and 6 members that will select the candidates for Albanian judges and prosecutors’ vetting institutions, ATA reports.

The 12-member committee includes the SP lawmakers Pandeli Majko, Evis Kushi, Ulsi Manja and Bashkim Fino, the SMI lawmaker Luan Rama and PJIU lawmaker , Mesila Doda.

Whereas the 6-member committee includes the SP lawmakers Vasilika Hysi and Ervin Bushati and SMI lawmaker, Vangjel Tavo.

Today’s session was held without the presence of the opposition lawmakers, whose boycott holds back these committees which need the candidates of opposition to set the vetting committees to work. Tomorrow parliament will convene to hold the first round for election of the new President.

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