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Albanian Parliament holds second round of voting for a new president

Albanian National Assembly, Tirana; Photo: WikiCommons / Pudelek

ata_maliTIRANA – Albanian Parliament held on Thursday the second round of voting for election of the new President of the Republic. This round lasted only for few minutes because no candidate was standing for the post and according to the law, under these circumstances, voting is considered done, ATA reports.

Head of the Parliamentary Law Committee Vasilika Hysi acquainted the MPs with the relevant report confirming that there was no nominee forwarded for the post and according to the law even the second round of voting is considered done.

Further on, Speaker of the Parliament Ilir Meta called the Chairpersons Conference to set a date and time for holding the third round of voting for the president. According to the regulation, the third round is held no later than 7 days from the second vote.

According to article 87 of the Constitution, President of the Republic is elected by secret ballot and without debate by the Parliament. To elect the new president, the Parliament holds up to five rounds of voting. During the first three rounds of voting, the Head of State is elected by no less than 3/5 of members of the Parliament. Following amendments to the Constitution by April 2008, during the fourth and fifth round of voting at the Parliament, the president can be elected even by a majority of 71 votes.

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