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Apostolova: Normalisation in Pristina's interest

Nataliya Apostolova; Photo: EU Office in Kosovo

TANJUG_maliPRISTINA – The EU believes solving open issues with Belgrade through a normalisation of relations – defined as “visible and sustainable improvement of relations aimed at improving the lives of people” – is in Pristina’s interest, says Nataliya Apostolova, head of the EU Office in Kosovo and the EU special representative, Tanjug reports.
The relationship between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo needs to be improved in “a mutually satisfactory way,” MIA quoted her as saying.

Kosovo “should be helped to make progress on the European path,” she also said.

The Belgrade-Pristina dialogue is “an instrument combining all three processes,” Apostolova said.

The Community of Serb Municipalities should be formed as soon as possible, as agreed in the Brussels dialogue, she said.

“Progress in the dialogue is a pre-condition for progress of both sides on the European path,” she said.

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