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Montenegrin MFA: There is no ”anti-Russian hysteria” in the country

Podgorica; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

PODGORICA – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro resolutely rejects the unfounded accusations made by the Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry about ”anti-Russian hysteria” in Montenegro, it was stated by the Government.
“There are no reports implying that any Russian businessman or tourist has experienced unpleasantness in Montenegro, or that there is any kind of hostility toward the Russian people in our country. Thousands of the Russian citizens residing in our country on this day can testify to that fact,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro states in its response.

“This is, therefore, a mere manipulation and continuation of a media war Moscow is waging against Montenegro aimed at obstructing its accession to NATO.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro notes that all the decisions regarding the future of the country will be made exclusively by the Government and the Parliament of Montenegro, in line with the Constitution, regardless of whether Moscow likes it or not.

Instead of making false accusations against the Montenegrin authorities, we call on Russia once again to resolve all doubts and misunderstandings in direct and open talks the official Moscow is persistently avoiding.

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