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McAllister and Fleckenstein meet Albanian political leaders

ata_maliTIRANA – Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Speaker of the Parliament Ilir Meta held a meeting with European Parliament negotiators Knut Fleckenstein and David McAllister, who arrived in Tirana on Tuesday to mediate a solution to Albania’s ongoing political deadlock, ATA reports.

During the one-hour meeting at the Parliament’s presidency, Fleckenstein and McAlister are reported to have presented a platform to end the political crisis.

Fleckenstein and McAlister are expected to present the platform also to the main opposition Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha during a meeting later today.

The opposition DP’s leader Lulzim Basha said that “the opportunity to provide a solution through dialogue is today and that he will not represent himself, either the opposition or the DP,” only hours prior to meeting with MEPs.

Basha stated that he will enter this process conscious to represent the interests of an extraordinary people’s union, the greatest.

“I will not retreat to anything that relates to the fate of citizens, to Albanian democracy, to free and fair elections. The solution we offer is a fair solution,” he said.

Basha underlined that “in the end there will not be a voting without the opposition, there will not be a scattering of people, but the victory of a rightful cause. Since I represent the interest of the citizens, it is also very simple to represent the Democratic Party, but there is no retreat therefore we ask them to allow people to decide, without seeking power on the table. I wish all parties understand this to provide Albanians the new Republic and we are obviously determined in doing so.”


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