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Basha: Talks failed, Rama refuses technical government

Lulzim Basha; Source: EPP Summmit, Brussels; October 2014; Photo: WikimediaCommons; European People's Party; Copyright holder: DERIBAUCOURT.COM (based on EXIF)

TIRANA – Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha expressed thanks to the chair of the European Foreign Affairs Committee/EPP vice president, David McAllister and European Parliament’s standing rapporteur on Albania, Knut Fleckenstein, declaring the bad news of dialogue failure while addressing supporters in the so-called Freedom Tent, on Tuesday, ATA reports.In addition Basha emphasized that unfortunately the attempt of the two European negotiators was unsuccessful to providing a solution to the political crisis in the country. He underlined that it resulted due to the refusal of a caretaker government by Premier Rama, as the only solution to guarantee free and fair elections.

Basha added that another non-negotiable condition to free and fair elections is the technical government thus this popular movement will be unstoppable.

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