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String of violence at the Parliament, Zaev and other SDSM’s MPs are injured

Parliament of North Macedonia; Photo: Wikimedia Commons
meta_maliSKOPJE – There is information that a some of the MPs were physically attacked and were injured, with bloody faces among which is SDSM’s party leader Zoran Zaev. The protestors are spread across the halls of the Parliament.

The protestors entered the plenary hall. They are shouting “elections” and are singing patriotic songs. The managed to enter the press center where the journalists are located including a part of the MPs. Among the protestors are people wearing black masks.

What is noticeable in the Parliament is the lack of a large number of special police squads.

From the Parliament which is occupied by the protesters, Zaev said that he is convinced that the Ministry of Interior will not allow an escalation of the situation and will prevent major incidents.

-I am convinced that the Ministery of Interior can do its job. I call the people to be calm and I believe this will end soon. We were told by the Minister of Interior that they have taken certain measures. The time and the evidence will show what happened and how the people have entered the Parliament – said Zaev.

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