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Mogherini: What we saw in Skopje is very sad for us

Federica Mogherini; Photo: European Union
VALETTA – What we saw yesterday in Skopje is very worrying and very sad for us all, said today the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini during her stay at Valetta in Malta.

Last night’s incidents at the Macedonian Parliament were the first topic that Mogherini spoke about in front of the journalists, before the start of the informal meeting with the ministers of foreign affairs of the countries members of the European Union and countries candidates for an EU membership – Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey.

“What we saw yesterday in Skopje is very worrying and very sad for us all. We always consider violence as unacceptable even more so when it is happening in the house of democracy – at the Parliament. We believe that everyone in Skopje should follow the principles of the Constitution, democracy and to try to pull the country from this serious crisis that can be very dangerous” – said Mogherini.

At the meeting, as was announced today by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at an invitation of Mogherini, the chief of the Macedonian diplomacy Nikola Poposki, will also participate.

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