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Zaev: I expect negotiations for new government to commence soon

meta_maliSKOPJE – I expect that soon we shall enter into a process of negotiations for forming a new government, announced the president of SDSM, Zoran Zaev, at a session this evening of the party’s central board, Meta reports.

As was announced by SDSM, its central board has unanimously greeted the steps and the politics of the party president, the party’s leadership and the SDSM’s MP group including the coalition “that are resulting in an open possibility for forming a new government of the Republic of Macedonia.

At yesterday’s session, Zaev stressed that the negotiations for a new government may start soon, also said that a priority will remain the interests of the citizens and the state, and the new government will manage with a unitarian Macedonia.

-Very soon, I expect us to enter into negotiations for forming a new government. After 11 years of a dictatorship regime, SDSM was given the honor and the responsibility by the citizens to lead the new democratic, reformatory government for a united, unitarian, European Republic of Macedonia, that will provide a qualitative life for its citizens. Our priority remains civil and state interests, and I call you to continue with our serious dedication towards these key goals – said Zaev.

At yesterday’s session of SDSM’s central board, unanimously was set the date of SDSM’s regular 22nd Congres.

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