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Negotiations between Rama and Basha without agreement

Presidency of Albania; Photo: Institution of the President of the Republic of Albania

ata_maliTIRANA – The negotiations between PM Edi Rama and DP head Lulzim Basha at the President’s seat have once again ended without any agreement on the table, ATA reports.

After the meeting which took nearly 2 hours, PM Edi Rama told the media that he had proposed to Basha three vice ministers monitored by international community. He said that the situation is the same as yesterday.

Rama said that elections’ date will not be postponed because there’s only one. “Our offer will not change, for we see no glimmer of hope from the opposition to come to compromise,” Rama told a media briefing after the negotiations.

“I have put forward a mechanism of guarantee within the govt. One vice prime minister will be responsible for monitoring the conduct of state during the campaign in compliance with a rule. Another vice minister put forward by DP, not a party member, along with the chief of US mission and the chief of European mission assisting the Ministry of Interior and State Police as well as an OSCE representative managing the entire process of monitoring the State Police conduct all across Albania. One vice director general and 12 vice directors in the regions are subordinate to this vice minister. The same thing will apply to education, penitentiary system as well. The DP can choose a political minister to craft a governmental project on e-counting and vote. We are ready to finance and implement it in 2019 local elections,’ Rama said.

For his part, the DP head Lulzim Basha, said at the end of the meeting with Rama that there was no offer on the table.

It is impossible to find a realistic solution to the crisis when the criminals vested with power continue to hold power in breach of the law. The country needs a political solution, it is what the Albanians, DP and entire world want to see.

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