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Kosovo's Parliament ousts government with 78 votes pro

Kosovo Assembly; Photo: Kosovo Assembly

ata_maliPRISTINA – Parliament approved with 78 votes pro the government’s no-confidence motion against the government of the Republic of Kosovo, ATA reports.

In today’s session amid a tense debate with lawmakers, including the main partners of the two biggest party coalition trading inflammatory remarks, the number of votes against were insufficient to save the DLK-led government from the no-confidence motion, which was also voted by the biggest party of the ruling coalition, DPK.

The government led by PM Isa Mustafa was ousted with 78 votes pro the no-confidence motion to 34 votes against and with 3 abstentions. Out of 120 MPs, there were 115 legislators in the hall.

During the discussion, the opposition lawmakers argued the case for ousting the government on the grounds that it has failed in an array of crucial decision-makings for the country, such as the agreement signed with Serbia on Association, Demarcation with Montenegro, non-functioning of parliament and government, deadlocked liberalization process, capture of justice system, etc.

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