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Europe Day marked in Sarajevo

SARAJEVO – Over 300 guests, representatives of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, international community, NGOs, cultural associations and media, were welcomed at the reception and concert by the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra on the occasion of Europe Day on 9 May at the National Theatre in Sarajevo.

Underlining the importance of this date in history of the European Union, Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in BiH, Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark in BiH, in his address reiterated the EU’s unequivocal support for BiH’s path to the EU.

“Our institutions and Member States are here to assist and support Bosnia and Herzegovina on its road to EU accession.  You are still a young country and we would like to see you qualify as a future member of the Union. The door is open.  But much of the change must come from within. Citizens of BiH as well as in the region as a whole would like a future in the European Union. You need to make it clear to your political leaders and representatives that this is your first priority and not the usual rhetoric and slogans”, said Ambassador Wigemark emphasising the importance of joint efforts from both EU and BiH side.

Europe Day celebrations will continue throughout the month of May with numerous cultural and informative events taking place across the country.

Europe Day celebration continues with panel discussion on Erasmus+ with Italian Ambassador to BiH

To mark this year’s Europe Day and the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+, the EU Info Centre in BiH and the Italian Embassy in BiH hosted a panel discussion on the Erasmus+ programme, its benefits and achievements at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo on 10 May.

“Erasmus+ is in my opinion one of the most successful programmes the EU has launched. It would be an understatement if I say it hasn’t been a life-changing experience for me. It is much more than a student exchange programme; it contributes to the development of academic and social skills, broadening horizons, gaining insights in new academic cultures, and bringing all this back to your home country. We rely on you, students, to take BiH towards the EU. It is your generation that will benefit from the EU membership”, said Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to BiH  Khaldoun Sinno, reflecting on his rewarding Erasmus experience on the occasion of marking Europe Day in BiH.

The event featured a panel discussion with H.E. Nicola Minasi, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to BiH, who recalled the opportunities his personal Erasmus experience opened.

“When I finished my Erasmus exchange programme, I decided to establish an association of political sciences together with a few of my fellow students. At a later stage, this association grew into an international association of political sciences. This is just an example what students can do when united”, noted Ambassador Minasi, adding that “The Erasmus+ programme is an amazing tool at your service which can make ideas come true and help you discover new things. It is an occasion to learn and to grow, as well as to create new realities and engage with other fellow associations and students worldwide”.

One of the panellists, Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Sarajevo Nedžma Džananović Miraščija used this opportunity to present the PoSIG Joint Master in Political Science – Integration and Governance, funded under the Erasmus+ programme, reminding that the first admission applications for the programme are opened until 21 May.

The participants had the opportunity to watch an inspiring video presentation by a journalism student from Sarajevo, Samir Beharić, who gave an insight to his current experience in Rome where he is exercising his Erasmus+ exchange.

Other former Erasmus+ beneficiaries involved in the panel discussion, Lejla Lizda, Hidajeta Kurtić, and Enrico De Muja from Bologna, all agreed that the Erasmus+ exchange programme brought about positive changes in their lives, also enabling them to become the best Erasmus+ ambassadors in their home countries.

The event gathered around 60 participants, representatives of the BiH academic community, local and international students, and former beneficiaries of the Programme.

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of Erasmus which started as a higher education mobility scheme and has since evolved into a broad programme supporting students, pupils, volunteers, apprentices, teachers, youth workers, athletes as well as educational institutions and other organisations from the field of education, training, youth and sport. For more information on the Erasmus+ 30th anniversary campaign, visit From Erasmus to Erasmus+ website.

Photo exhibition “Travelling through Europe” opened

Marking this year’s Europe Day, the EU Info Centre in BiH and the Embassy of Greece in BiH organised a photo exhibition entitled “Travelling through Europe” by the renowned Greek photographer, Dionysia Alexiadi on May 10 at the EU Info Centre.

The exhibition features 32 photographs depicting the beauty of European cities through the lens of Dionysia Alexiadi.

Opening the exhibition, Head of the EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in BIH, Ambassador Lars-Gunnar Wigemark pointed out the diversity of cultural heritage and cosmopolitan nature of the countries depicted in the photographs.

‘’The EU supports and strongly encourages all initiatives to promote the cosmopolitan nature of the BiH’s culture and cultural heritage as it contributes significantly to the creation of the European identity and helps the citizens better understand the present through richer and shared interpretation of our common past’’, Ambassador noted.

Author of the exhibition, Dionysia Alexiadi, explained her passion for traveling and the reason why she fell in love at first sight with Sarajevo.

‘’The photos are from my travels through Europe over the last years. I have focused on landscapes and cities from different countries. Apart from temples, islands and landscapes of my native land Greece I have also included photos from my last visit to Sarajevo, a multicultural historical city, which impressed me at once. I am looking forward to visiting and travelling again through Bosnia and Herzegovina and capturing the beauties with my lens”, Alexiadi said.

Addressing the audience, Ambassador of Greece to BiH, H.E. Georgios Iliopoulos used this opportunity to highlight the richness of the European culture.

“When travelling through Europe, we all admire diversity of each country, but at the same time this diversity seems very familiar to all of us. This is why we organized the exhibition showing beautiful cities of Europe on the occasion of marking Europe Day in BiH. Through her gallery of photos, the author of exhibition created the impression every traveler has when visiting popular destinations, that of differences uniting us”, said Ambassador Iliopoulos.

Dionysia Alexiadi was born in the island of Zakynthos and grew up in Athens. She studied photography at painting and during her five-year stay in London she received a degree in Interior Design and History of Art. Over the few last years, she has travelled worldwide focusing her work on photography.

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