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Zaev: New government will build civic, unitary, and European Macedonia

Zoran Zaev; Photo: Meta

SKOPJE – “I was assigned the mandate and I expect to form the new government soon. As a mandatary and a future Prime Minister, I oblige that the new government will build a civic, unitary, and European Macedonia. We shall direct all our strengths in building a just and legal state,” said SDSM’s party leader, Zoran Zaev, in a statement after he was assigned the mandate for forming the new government by the president of the state, Gjorge Ivanov, Meta reports.

“I shall work with all my heart, by believing in togetherness and that is why I am sending a message to leave the differences, the isolation, the hatred, the impatience and the destructive policies that have destroyed our lives aside. The new government will be a government for all citizens. Together we shall create a legal and a just state with free citizens,” said Zaev.

He said as well that the negotiations for forming a new government with DUI, the Alliance of the Albanians and Besa will start immediately and that in a less than 10 days a new government will be formed.

During the ceremony of assigning the mandate Zaev said that two obstacles for awarding the mandate have been removed and that the written guarantee had been submitted to Ivanov.

“We guarantee the protection of the unitary, sovereignty, territorial integrity, independent and multi-ethnic Macedonia. We guarantee that we will protect the constitutional order and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Macedonia. We guarantee we will protect national interests and improve the lives of all citizens, regardless of ethnic, religious and linguistic affiliation. We guarantee that the decision-making process for the citizens of Macedonia will be in accordance with fundamental democratic principles and the rule of law, without bringing Macedonia in a position of subordination or dependence on another state, No documents, platforms, declarations, act or actions that might be contrary to the statements above , can not be used as a basis for the formation and actions of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia”, said Zaev.

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