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Agreement on crisis resolution in Albania reached

Albanian flag; Photo: Pixabay

TIRANA – The one-on-one meeting between Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and DP head Lulzim Basha ended at around 01:15 on Thursday with both peers coming to the much-awaited agreement, which was based on “McAllister Plus” package. This package was put on the table as the way-out by US State Department official, Hoyt Yee, in an effort to persuade the opposition to take part in elections, ATA reports.
Thrashed out in Rama-Basha meeting at the parliament presidency that took over three hours, the details of agreement will be disclosed during the next 24 hours.

At a news briefing after the meeting, the DP head confirmed the agreement saying: We have thrashed out a deal which will be formalized within 24 hours and after that we will follow through with a public communication.

Asked about the elections’ date, Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha did not give any response. “I fully agree with what Mr. Basha said,” PM added. Meanwhile the head of majority and opposition greeted each other with a handshake.

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