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Rama-Basha agreement, Election Day on June 25, Cabinet reshuffle

ata_maliTIRANA – Albania’s ruling Socialist Party formally announced the agreement reached between Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Democratic Party leader Lulzim Basha for resolving the political stalemate over general elections 2017. Both sides express grateful thanks to the USA and the EU for their contribution made for consolidation of democracy and the rule of law in Albania, ATA reports.

The agreement carries the commitment of both sides to holding elections up to democratic standards  and that will be a contribution of the two sides for opening of the negotiations and advance of the country in the process of European integration.

According to the agreement, Election Day will be on June 25. While the opposition parties should register at the Central Election Commission within May 26.

Likewise, the postponed Kavaja municipality by-elections will take place on the same day with the general elections, i.e. June 25.

The agreement also stipulates a technical deputy prime minister nominated by the opposition as well as technical minister of interior, technical education minister, technical health minister, technical social welfare and youth minister, technical finance minister, technical justice minister and other technical senior officials like a technical director-general of Electricity Distribution Operator, a technical director of the Legalization Agency, a technical director of the Real Estate Registration Agency, a technical director of the Department of Prisons and a technical director of the Agriculture Development Agency- all proposed by the opposition.

Meanwhile, the Parliament will vote in extraordinary session on the vetting organs, the new members of the government, amendments to the penal code on vote trade, strengthening of the legal framework on funding of political parties and improved standards on coverage of electoral campaign on the media.

Likewise, the agreement stipulates that the independent organs of the Central Election Commission and Ombudsman will have new heads proposed by the opposition.

The two sides have also agreed that the constitutional and electoral reform will be implemented with the beginning of the new legislature.  They have also agreed on introduction of e-technology in the next elections.

The agreement carries other measures like removal and prevention of persons with criminal record from holding public posts. The political parties get committed to examination of party lists. While CEC examines the candidates with international support to guarantee the integrity of public functionaries.

In regard to the public administration, the agreement stipulates prevention of using the public administration in favor of the electoral subjects and it also bans pressure on public administration employees.

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